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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Firefox and Google

The Mozilla Corporation's relationship with Google has been noted in the media, especially with regards to use of Firefox to provide revenues and data for Google. The release of the anti-phishing protection in Firefox 2 especially raised controversy Enabled by default, anti-phishing protection is based on a list that is updated about twice per hour and downloaded to the user's computer from Google's server. The user cannot change the data provider within the GUI, and is not informed who the default data provider is. The browser also sends Google's cookie with each request for update. The "advanced" security feature of builds by the Mozilla Foundation activate an anti-phishing feature to provide live protection and, according to the Mozilla Wiki, send each visited URL to Google. The user must explicitly opt-in for this service, however. There are Internet privacy concerns surrounding how Google may use the data, even though Firefox's privacy policy states that Google may not use personal information for any purposes other than the anti-phishing protection feature.
In 2005, the Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation had a combined revenue of US$52.9 million. Approximately 95 percent of this revenue was related to their search engine relationships.

All of Mozilla products are available free-of-charge for Windows, Mac and Linux computers in more than 35 languages. The award-winning Mozilla Firefox Web browser is enjoyed by tens of millions of people worldwide, and has re-ignited innovation and competition on the Web. And our Mozilla Thunderbird email client has set the standard for cross-platform communications, with advanced junk mail filtering and mail capabilities.

Firefox 2
The award-winning Web browser is now faster, more secure, and fully customizable to your online life. With Firefox 2, we’ve added powerful new features that make your online experience even better.

Enjoy a Better Web Experience
Firefox 2 delivers helpful new features to make your online experience more productive.
Stay Secure on the Web
Firefox continues to lead the way in online security, and now includes active protection from online scams to keep you safer.
Personalize Your Browser
Choose from over a thousand useful add-ons that enhance Firefox. It’s easy to personalize Firefox to make it your own.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How To Beat Yahoo & Google Ranking??

14 Factors that will affect your Ranking in

Google MSN & Yahoo!

Here i have created a list of factors that affect your rankings with Google, MSN, Yahoo! and the other search engines.Most of the factors in the checklist apply mainly to Google and partially to MSN, Yahoo! and all the other search engines of lesser importance.

  1. Tag Keywords in<"title"> tag
    One of the most important places to have a niche high paying keyword because what is written inside the <"title"> tag shows in search results as your page title. The title tag must be short of around 7 words and the the keyword should be near the beginning on your whole title.

  2. Keywords in URL
    Keywords in URL gives you a better position on the search engine -eg- profit-line Blog, keyword is "enter keyword" and this will eventually help in your ranking.

  3. Keyword density in document text
    Ensure your articles has around 4-6% major keywords and not more than 12% or else it will look more like a keyword spam instead of a article page.

  4. Anchor Text Linking
    Anchor Text Link with other user's site is a good way to improve your site's ranking too. Have top keywords for your chosen anchor text,this is regarded as getting a vote from this site not only about your site in general, but about the keyword in particular.

  5. Keywords in headings (<"H1">, <"H2">, etc. tags)
    You can also apply your keywords on the heading tags.

  6. Keywords in Tags
    Spiders don't read images but they do read their textual descriptions in the tag, so if you have images on your page, fill in the tag with some keywords about them.

  7. Keywords in MetaTags
    Though google are more or less not using these to rank users, Yahoo and MSN still relies on these meta tags,so if you are optimizing for Yahoo! or MSN, fill these tags properly.

  8. Getting High PR links
    This is by far the best way to get your site on the top when you get linked to a high pagerank site.Try to have your site link captured in directories or even other sites that ranks above PR4 to PR10

  9. Backlinks from others
    Generally the more, the better. But the reputation of the sites that link to you is more important than their number.

  10. Links from directories
    As said earlier,Being listed in DMOZ, Yahoo Directory and similar directories is a great boost for your ranking cause they are mostly PR 6 and above,dont waste time linking to Pr0 sites.

  11. Socially bookmarked
    There are more than 50 over sites who are social bookmarkers, some of the highly used are digg,Technorati,Blinklist

  12. Unique contents
    Have unique contents on your site is great and having it updated daily with fresh niche contents gurantees good ranking

  13. Sector those long articles up
    Search engine favors more on shorter details with unique and relevant topic, achieve a better ranking by shorting your articles from 1 long page to 3 parts of a given article.

  14. Site Size
    All search engine spiders love big and largely contented generally it is the bigger, the better. However, big sites become user-unfriendly and difficult to navigate, so sometimes it makes sense to separate a big site into a couple of smaller ones, for eg. you can have a site/blog/forum to separate your contents and comments on different areas.

Have you been following these 14 steps or do you have more to share that i have not highlighted, please do drop me an email at or leave me a comment
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